Use Iteration Zero to create your
Java Spring Twitter Bootstrap
web app in 5 minutes.


Iteration Zero creates a Java+Spring+Twitter Bootstrap web app, completely customized for your project in less than five minutes. Iteration Zero leverages over 15 years of Java application development experience gained by TWilson Technologies, Inc.. This experience in conjunction with the most popular open source tools will help your development project get off the ground. See a full list of features below.

How It Works

We start with a completely functional template, which you can fork here. We then ask for information that is unique to your project. Your project is created using the information that you submit and you can then download and run the project. Your project is delivered with just the source code and is completely modifiable by you.


Over the years we've created and maintained our own recipe that we use to develop prototypes or get new projects off the ground quickly. Much of this type of work is usually done during Iteration Zero of agile projects, hence the name. It's open source using the The MIT License (MIT).

Getting Started

Development Environment Requirements:

  • Java SE Development Kit 7
  • Maven 3.1.1
  • MySQL 5 (If you want permanent persistence)
  • SMTP Server (If you want to send emails.)

Create A Iteration Zero Account:

Quick Start - Fully Functional With In Memory Database

After you have created a new project....
  1. Wait for an email with a link to your project.
  2. Unzip your project.
  3. From your project root type: "./bin/"
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/artifact-id
  5. Login with username = and password = blowblow

Fully Functional Project With MySQL Persistence

  1. Wait for an email with a link to your project.
  2. Unzip your project.
  3. Create a MYSQL database. Take note of the database hostname, database name, user and password.
  4. Populate the database. From your project root type: "./bin/ local" - Note: You can create a database for several profiles(local,dev,test,prod)
  5. Start your application.


This is not an exhaustive list, but gives an idea of the new features that your project will initially have. Each item below is already configured for immediate use.

User Interface

  1. Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework integration
  2. jQuery
  3. fontawesome
  4. A custom and basic WYSIWYG editor
  5. Bootstrap 3 Datepicker
  6. SiteMesh
  7. Display tag library (Styled for Twitter Bootstrap 3)
  8. Full Calendar
  9. Login Page
  10. Registration Page
  11. Password Reset
  12. Custom Form Tags
  13. Responsive
  14. UI for displaying system wide banners.
  15. Upload and serve images.


  1. Spring Security
  2. Role Based Access Controls
  3. Auditing of all User CRUD actions against Domain Objects. Convenient UI for viewing user actions.
  4. User Management, including role assignment, enablement and disablement.
  5. Three initial user access scopes: unauthenticated, authenticated and admin. Each controlled by user roles.
  6. Authorization scheme managed custom service method annotations.
  7. Enable/disable new user registrations.
  8. Remember me support.
  9. Log and email all exceptions.
  10. Custom server error pages. Prevents system configuration leakage.

  1. Spring Framework
  2. Spring Data JPA
  3. Spring Security


  1. Hibernate
  2. MYSQL
  3. Spring Data JPA
  4. Audit columns for all persistent domain objects.